Christ centric living

Christ Centric Living involves sacrifice, service, and putting the needs and preferences of others before our own. Being a "Christian" does not denote a life of privilege, but instead, one of service through loving God and loving others. Authenticity is evident through transformed lives that mirror the teachings of Jesus Christ. Serving others, studying scripture, speaking our stories of faith, and sharing our resources is a life-long path of developing our relationship with God. Spiritual discipline is all we can do in order to allow God to do all that we cannot.  


The primary purpose of a church is to serve God and others by building relationships with those who are not yet here


Daily prayer and Bible study are foundational in developing our relationship with Jesus Christ


Knowing our faith stories and being willing to speak with others is an invitation to a life with Jesus Christ


Joyfully sharing our financial resources in support of the mission helps us better understand the heart of God


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