Love God....Love others

In scripture Jesus gave each of us this command,

to Love God and to love others.

At First Washington, we truly believe in this directive

from Our Savior and want to put this in action.



    Q | How did First Washington get started?

    A | First Washington United Methodist Church was founded as a preaching station in 1855 and  located at 205 East 5th Street for many years. The church built a new facility in 1999 and is currently located at 4349 St. Johns Road.

    Q | Why do we do what we do the way we do?

    A | We want to help each person discover his or her path on the journey of faith and to take another step in connecting with God. That’s why we use the music, language, metaphors, technology and creative art forms of the culture to communicate.

    Q | What denomination is First Washington?

    A | We are affiliated with the Missouri Conference of the United Methodist Church.

    The Missouri Conference Website |    

  • CONNECT | Discipleship

    We believe that a life centered on the teachings of Christ is the way we grow in our love of God and others. At First Washington we have created some helpful tools to assist you in the STUDY of God's Word, Learning to SERVE others first, SPEAK about your faith, and SHARE your resources.