I'm New

Going anywhere for the first time comes with anxiety!  Whether it be going to a new school, being set up on that first date, or going into a new job, anxiety usually follows.  It's no different with a church and we realize that.  At First Washington, we want to minimize the stress so this page is designed with those anxious moments in mind. We hope you find some helpful tips about what to expect when visiting. 


    Whether you are 18 or 118, adults will feel a sense of family and acceptance here at First Washington. Some people wonder how they should dress. You will see shorts, t shirts, ball caps, dress shirts, dresses, jeans, it doesn't matter...come and be a part of this growing family and see for yourself.  There are activities for the adults after service with one of our adult studies or during the week with opportunities expanding each week. So whether you are a Cubs fan or a Cardinal fan, whether you like your coffee black or with cream, whether you are a health nut or couch potato, whether you are in college or retired, whether you like the beach or the mountains... we would love to have you here.



    Our parking lot often fills up on Sunday mornings. To ensure that our first time visitors are able to find a space, we have parking reserved for you in the front lot near the main entrance to our worship center. Handicap accessible parking and entrance is also available in our front lot. When entering First Washington, you may use the 2 sets of double doors where a door greeter will hand you a menu (bulletin) with items happening in and around the church.  Coffee is always available, a charging station for your phone is available in case you need to add some juice to the phone,(YES! PHONES ARE ENCOURAGED IN WORSHIP,) and a large foyer is available for you to meet up with family or friends.  If you are new to the area, we'd love to get to know you and tell you where some of our favorite restaurants are and things to do in Washington.  We also have a place to hang up your jackets or coats.  We are relaxed here and want you to be as well! Service will include contemporary worship songs, a Bible teaching lesson (the Pastor will walk around so he relates to the crowd), communion is available every week and as United Methodist we believe in an open communion table which means if you are seeking Jesus or want a relationship with Jesus, you are asked to come as you are and experience the grace that only God may provide. The service lasts about an hour (sometimes we run a few minutes over), and then a sending off. You will be offered a swag bag with goodies and an opportunity to find out where you may connect at First Washington or in the community. It's very relaxed, no pressure, a great way to experience God!


    Whether you are a casual person or one that like to dress to the nines, our Sunday morning services are a time when we gather to worship our God together and learn from His Word, hear some contemporary music, and where believers can grow in their relationship with the Lord and be equipped for a life of following Christ. Our hope is also that anyone who has questions about life and faith will find First Washington a welcoming place to learn more about who Jesus is and what the Bible teaches. We invite you to join us and to let us know how we can serve you.


    When you enter into the foyer area there is a place to register your children and a friendly face will give you a tour of where your child will be.  There is no worse of a feeling than to go somewhere new and not know where your child is located. Nursery is available for birth to 2 years old where our trained nursery care providers will gladly take care of your children while you are in the worship service.  All of our care givers are Safe Sanctuary certified and trained! If your child is in Preschool through 5th grade (ages 3-11 years old), they will be checked in and you will be shown where they will be during the worship service.  Children preschool to 5th grade will start out in the worship service and be dismissed to go to the grade specific classrooms during service.  Children and their teachers will come back into service at communion time.  Children are more than welcome to stay with you during service, but they will enjoy learning about God on their own age level.  We separate classes out from Preschool to 1st grade and 2nd to 5th grade.  In the class they will do an activity, a Bible lesson, and a craft.